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Yes. We will ask you to sign an authority to transfer the papers across to us and we can take over conduct of your case.

Yes. Solicitors have a duty to their clients to progress their claims promptly. The Solicitors Regulation Authority which regulates the conduct and behaviour of solicitors would normally require solicitors to respond promptly and efficiently to clients' queries about the progress of their case. Review My Claim would be happy to help.

The assessment of your claim involves a number of factors including the question of fault (liability) and the assessment of medical evidence. There are guidelines to help solicitors to value cases and a whole range of case studies and histories to provide guidance. Not all cases are undervalued. Review My Claim sees a lot of cases where settlements have been forced through without proper consideration of medical evidence or even, in some cases, claims for loss of earnings or care provided by family members when injured people are incapacitated at home. If you feel that you are being forced into settlement then please contact us.

If you have already received your compensation you will have 6 years from the date of settlement in which to proceed with a claim for professional negligence. We would advise that you instruct us as early as possible so your file of papers can be retrieved and reviewed allowing ample time to fully investigate matters.

Your solicitor is under a duty to confirm if s/he has made a mistake and to advise you if you need to take independent legal advice. This is legal shorthand for accepting that an error has been made and you need another solicitor to review the case and, if necessary, take action against that careless solicitor. Review My Claim has a team of experienced solicitors supported by expert barristers who will be able to get you the amount of compensation you should have received, had your case not been poorly handled by your previous solicitor.

For physical and sexual abuse claims, we may be able to extend the three year limitation period.

The initial review of your case is completely free. We operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so if your case is won, you pay your legal costs from the compensation you receive (capped at 25% of your award). In professional negligence cases, this percentage will be higher. We will discuss this with you in more detail upon reviewing your claim.

If you have received poor service from your existing solicitor or claims management firm and want us to take over your case, we will review your situation and request that your files are transferred to us. You will be required to sign an authority for us to take conduct of your case.

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If you are unhappy with the compensation you have received, we will conduct an initial review to see whether your case was undervalued and check you have received compensation for all the damages you are entitled to. If your case was undersettled, we will file a professional negligence case against your previous solicitor and claim for any additional compensation you should have received had the solicitor done their job properly.

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If your solicitor has missed the limitation deadline, we will request  that your files are transferred to us and try to continue proceedings as normal. If we are unable to do this, we will file a professional negligence claim against your previous solicitor in order to recover the compensation you would have received had they not missed the limitation deadline.

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If you can’t find a solicitor to take on your claim, we will happily review your case. If we feel that you have a genuine claim we will take on your case, request evidence regarding your injury and losses and then issue legal proceedings.

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One of the Review My Claim team members will handle your case, but there are times when another member of our team of dedicated and experienced senior solicitors may take over.

Yes, we have lots of experience in taking on cases from solicitors who have made mistakes and helping people who feel they haven’t received enough compensation for an accident or incident. We also regularly take on and win cases which other solicitors wouldn’t handle.

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We have many years of experience handling personal injury cases, from trips and slips, to road traffic accidents, as well as severe brain and spinal injury cases. Andrew Greenwood has been qualified and active as a personal injury solicitor for over 30 years. He also sits as a Deputy District Judge in the High Court and County Court. Andrew is accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury.

You will simply need to complete the form of authority advising us of their details.  We will make enquiries with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and obtain a forwarding address for the firm and in turn identify the professional indemnity insurers who provided insurance cover for your previous solicitors at the time of acting for you. We are able to make full investigations here to remove the burden of you having to do so.

Where you have received poor service  from your existing solicitor and we take over your case  – The timescale is very much dependant on the stage of proceedings. Generally a case can take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months to settle which will vary on the specific facts of the case and whether litigation is required through the Court.

Where another solicitor won’t take on your case and we set up a new case – Generally a personal injury case can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to settle. These timescales can however vary depending on the complexity of the issues at hand. For example, whether liability is admitted or denied, the complexity of injuries sustained and whether litigation is required through Court. We will advise you throughout the case providing regular updates so you are fully aware of the timescales involved. 

Where you are unhappy with compensation received (a professional negligence claim) – From submitting a letter of claim your previous solicitors will have just under 4 months in total in which to acknowledge this and provide a decision on liability. If no further medical evidence is required then we can put forward an early offer in settlement. If additional medical evidence is required we will press on and obtain this in order to ensure a proper valuation can be placed on your claim before an offer is made. We will provide you with regular updates at all stages of your professional negligence claim.

Where your solicitor has missed the limitation deadline and where we take over your case – In this situation we will need to apply to the Court asking for them to dis-apply the limitation period in order to proceed with your case. The timescales involved are very dependent on the Court and their ability to list the matter for an early hearing. We have a wealth of experience in rectifying cases like this and will work closely with the Court to ensure matters progress as efficiently as possible. We will advise you of the outcome and whether a professional negligence case should also be pursued.

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