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Case settled - not enough compensation?

Peter suffered a serious injury in an accident at work. His case settled, but Peter didn’t feel this was a reasonable amount given the injuries he’d sustained.

Peter felt he was unable to carry out his duties satisfactorily as a result of his injuries, later causing him to resign from his team leader position. Peter instructed a local solicitors to take on his case and it settled for £18,000.

Review My Claim reviewed Peter’s case and noticed a number of shortcomings made by his solicitors. We took on the case, consulted the correct medical experts and obtained extra medical evidence.

Peter was awarded a further £25,000.

John was involved in a road traffic accident; his case was settled but mistakes were made and he did not receive the compensation he deserved.

He suffered a whiplash injury and was off work for three weeks resulting in lost income. His claim was handled by a large road traffic accident solicitors' firm, referred by his own insurance company. His case was handled by an unqualified member of staff who, upon obtaining a medical report, advised a settlement of a very low amount based on his injuries. John lost income was ignored by the claims handler and he received a cheque for the settlement amount. When he queried his financial losses, he was told that the settlement figure was full and final and he could not claim more. He asked us to review his claim. We calculated his lost earnings and produced evidence from his employer.

A cheque for a little over £900 was received from the negligent solicitors within three weeks of our involvement.

10 individuals suffered both physical and sexual abuse at a boys’ school in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Their claims were settled by previous solicitors, but the value of the claims fell well below what should have been awarded. The team was contacted after settlement to pursue potential claims for professional negligence against those solicitors for undersettling each of their claims.

At the time of settlement, our clients were urged to settle their claims; with their previous adviser failing to obtain medical evidence on any of the cases to support an award for injury. At present, evidence is being collated in order to issue court proceedings against the former solicitors for the additional sums which should have been awarded. Medical evidence has been obtained which points to further rehabilitation requirements, as well as to the fact that the cases have been grossly undersettled.

Client B, a vulnerable adult with severe learning disabilities, suffered physical abuse from the Local Authority who cared for them.

A claim was made against the Authority who conceded liability after a request was made to access the abuser’s employment file due to allegations relating to previous misconduct. Medical evidence was obtained to support the physical injuries sustained and the case settled for £10,000. As Client B is a vulnerable adult, the sum has been invested into Court and will be paid out to the individual on a periodical basis to ensure it is protected.

Client C suffered sexual abuse from an individual employed to work for an Authority, where the individual had taken advantage of their position of responsibility.

The team met with Client C and discussed the case in depth. Liability was conceded at an early stage and the case settled for a little over £50,000.

Case not settled - unhappy with your solicitor?

Penny suffered an injury at work; the solicitors assessed the case for four years before urging her to undersettle.

Four years down the line she suddenly received a letter from her solicitors urging her to accept an offer of £20,000 negotiated from her employer's insurance company's solicitor. Penny felt that the case had not been handled properly and asked us to review her claim. We took over the case and it settled for £65,000. The previous solicitors had urged Penny to settle quickly so that they could get paid. Six months after we took over the case, the previous solicitors went bust, proving the point.

Had Penny accepted their advice, she would have lost out on over £45,000.

Rachel was involved in a road traffic accident; she was advised by her solicitors to accept an offer but she felt that she was entitled to more.

After obtaining medical reports, she received an offer of £15,000. Rachel's solicitor urged her to accept saying that it was unlikely that she was going to get any more. She asked us to review the case. It was clear that the medical evidence had not been properly reviewed.

Rachel received a settlement of £35,000 to properly reflect her pain and suffering, extra costs and losses.

Richard suffered multiple injuries as a result of being knocked over by a car. He sought advice from a solicitors firm who suggested he would receive no more than £30,000 for his case.

He suffered with concentration problems and as a result lost multiple work-contracts.

Richard wasn’t happy with the advice and service from his solicitors and contacted Review My Claim. We reviewed his case and obtained more detailed medical evidence.

Richard was awarded £225,000.

Steven suffered injuries and losses in a workplace accident in February 2010. He instructed a firm of solicitors but there was an issue regarding the value of the claim.

Steven felt that his solicitors were particularly unhelpful and that they were trying to push him into settling for an offer of compensation which was far less than he deserved.

Review My Claim took over the matter and after obtaining further medical evidence the claim settled for £5,750 - substantially more than the original offer. Steven was delighted with the outcome.

Client A suffered both physical and sexual abuse within their home environment over a period of several years.

The client was initially very nervous about seeking help from the authorities or from a solicitor. Client A contacted the team, who arranged to visit them to discuss the details of the case. A claim was made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and settled in March 2017 for £16,500.

Lawyers 'mishandled' your claim?

Lucy was involved in a road traffic accident; but the solicitors missed the three year limitation period meaning Lucy could no longer make a claim.

The car crash killed one of the passengers and left Lucy seriously injured. She made a claim using a Leeds City Centre solicitors' firm. The rule is that a claim has to be made within three years of the collision date. But because there were technical issues with regards to the car being overloaded, potentially stolen and for reasons not entirely clear, the solicitor missed the three year limitation period. As a result, the claim became statute barred and Lucy was unable to claim. Following professional guidelines, the solicitors wrote to Lucy to indicate their mistake and invited her to take independent legal advice.

She asked us to review her claim. We issued proceedings against the negligent solicitors and Lucy was compensated in full for £65,000.

Won't take your case - case has no merit?

Melinda sustained an injury when cleaning a broken sink.

Melinda was a council tenant who was fixing a lightbulb when she fell into the bathroom sink and damaged it. The sink required repairing, however, the council couldn’t repair the damage to the sink for a number of weeks. Sometime after the sink was damaged Melinda severely cut her finger on the broken sink.

Melinda contacted a local solicitor who told her that her case had no merit and refused to take on the case. She contacted Review My Claim and we recognised this was a valid case, investigated further and won the case for her.

She was awarded £7,000.

Rita suffered after tripping into a pothole.

Rita was crossing a road with her dog when she tripped into a pothole causing her to damage her knee. Rita contacted a local law firm who advised her case had no real prospects as she should have been looking where she was walking.

Review My Claim reviewed Rita’s case and found that there was a claim to pursue. We conducted further investigations and obtained additional evidence.

Rita was awarded £10,000 for her injuries.

John sustained an injury at work; after a year pursuing his claim his solicitors informed him that his case was not likely to succeed.

A pallet fell from the wagon and struck his shoulder and neck. John sought advice from a solicitors' firm who proceeded with the case. After a year they felt that John's case was not likely to succeed as although the defendants had admitted that the pallet had fallen from the trailer due to their negligence there were no reliable witnesses. John felt that his case had not been adequately assessed and sought a second opinion. The Review My Claim team took over the case and forwarded the papers to a barrister for second opinion. Both believed that there was a claim to be pursued.

Further medical evidence was obtained, Court papers were issued, and John's case settled for £5,000.

Tammy had an accident on a local footpath in Derby, she fell because of a defective kerbstone and twisted her ankle.

Tammy approached a well-known firm of solicitors but they rejected her claim as having "poor prospects". She asked Review My Claim to help.

Review My Claim took on the case, assessed the evidence properly and after successfully identifying the correct legal arguments, they obtained fresh evidence and took the case on to trial.

Even though the Council still argued they were not at fault, a Judge agreed with the Review My Claim arguments and held the Council liable. Tammy was awarded £5,000 in compensation.

Toni had suffered an injury to her knee as a result of a fall on an area of defective tarmac in her employers' car park.

Toni had instructed solicitors who were appointed by her Trade Union. After correspondence with insurers representing the employers, her solicitors advised her that whilst they had considered her claim carefully, they did not believe that there was any reasonable prospect of establishing legal liability for her injuries.

Review My Claim issued Court proceedings against the employer. Four days prior to the trial date Toni's employers offered to settle the claim for £6,250 which she accepted.

Simon was walking along a footpath in Birkenhead when he tripped on a wire which was coming out of a wall and trailing loosely across the footpath.

Simon instructed a firm of solicitors who, after investigating the case, told Simon that they believed his claim had no reasonable prospects of success.

Simon contacted Review My Claim who instituted proceedings on his behalf against the local highway authority. Shortly before a defence was due to be served, the local highway authority admitted liability and the claim settled for £2,500.

Karryann was walking around the edge of a swimming pool when she slipped and fell causing herself an injury.

Having been met with a denial of fault by the hotel who owned the swimming pool, her previous solicitors abandoned the case.

Review My Claim took the case on and won proper compensation for Karryann of £1,200.

Katy suffered an accident at work when she was scalded because a work colleague had failed to lock a piece of equipment in place.

She went to a national law firm who, having looked at the case, decided the prospects of success were so poor that they were not prepared to take the case on.

Review My Claim took the case on and won £2,000 for Katy.

Sarah was returning to her car when she slipped in muddy water which had collected in a hole in the car park surface.

Sarah was advised by her previous solicitors and a barrister that she had no prospects of success in this matter.

She approached Review My Claim to take over the handling of her claim and we subsequently received £2,000 in compensation for her.

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