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Whether or not your case has been settled, if you feel you deserve better, then talk to us.

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    Case settled? Unhappy with the compensation you have received?

    We will review your claim and if we think you could receive further compensation we will reopen your case.

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    Case not yet settled? Unhappy with how your claim is proceeding?

    We will review your claim and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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    Informed that your lawyers have 'mishandled' your claim?

    We will make a claim against your lawyer on your behalf to get you the compensation you would have received had the mistake not been made.

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    Told your case has no merit?

    We will review your claim and see if we can progress the case for you.

However your accident was caused, your claim can be reviewed by us free of charge. For every case we take on we give £10 to each of our selected charities; the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and SCARD.

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